Grand Champion Harry of Dandy Blue

Welcome Harry! Harry is our most longed for blue boy with the added bonus that he is smoke! So thrilled to have this lovely boy from Christina & BJ at Dandy Blue. He has great boning and super type! With new lines he is a lucky boy and has the pick of my girls!!! We are very proud that Harry gained his Champion title at a mere 10 months of age and is now a Grand Champion!


Champion Kattjewels Champagne Oscar

Oscar is our bitter sweet baby! We had long awaited the 2nd litter from our beautiful Tinkerbell but nature played a cruel twist and we almost lost our beloved Princess and had only one surviving kitten. However Oscar knew nothing of this and has just settled in from the get go and just developed more and more into the most gorgeous boy! We totally adore him. He has the most fantastic size and head with a straight profile.

We are keeping him entire and will watch him develop more with a view to using him for a litter or two.

Oscar is Agouti with Classic markings, and carries Dilute and Solid. He does not carry Amber.


Grand Champion Neo of Dandy Blue 'Neo' - Retired (neutered)

After several years of friendship with Christina of Dandy Blue in Germany we were very pleased to welcome the lovely Neo to the UK and into our home.

We are so pleased to have Neo. He is a beautiful well boned Cream Tabby boy with White. With superb temperement, straight profile, a lovely head and great expression. Neo gained his first title of Champion at the National Cat Club show December 2012 and Grand Champion at the Wyvern September 2013. He has produced some stunning kittens and we are so happy that he is part of our breeding.

Neo is Dilute and Agouti, and carries Solid. He does not carry Amber.


Neo is GSD IV Negative, PK DEFICIENCY N/N and is a Closed Stud.


Grand Champion Nandinakatts Love Machine 'Gizmo' - Retired (neutered)

Easter 2011 was a very special time as the Easter bunny brought me my lovely Gizmo! He is a brown tabby with just a white tail tip. As our first stud I looked for a name, worthy of a big virile boy, and out of the blue 'Gizmo' popped in there! His breeders Clara, Sue and Dave agreed he was a Gizmo and he is!

Gizmo comes from excellent lines. His sire is Champion Old Possum's Tummel 'Amadeus', who even at an early age has had a distinguished show career, already being Junior Winner! His dam is International Champion GB*Nandinakatt's Shakira, is a beautiful tortie girl, who has also proven herself on the show bench. Gizmo has inherited excellent qualities from both his parents. We have imported him into GCCF and at his first show in August he won Best of Breed kitten, so we were delighted and hope it is the first of many! 

I have long loved the cats from the Nandinakatt cattery, and am so grateful and proud to have a kitten from Amadeus' first litter with Shakira. Thank you Clara, Sue and Dave so much for this fabulous boy!

Gizmo is Agouti, and carries Dilute. He does not carry Solid or Amber.


Gizmo is GSD IV Negative, PK DEFICIENCY N/N and is a Closed Stud.