Imperial Grand Champion & Imperial Grand Premier KattJewels Tinkerbell 'Tink'

Tink is our first queen under our prefix of KattJewels. Tink is a very confident girl who stole our hearts from day one! She is a blue silver tortie with a very attractive cream blaze on her nose. She has had a very successful show career as a kitten and this has continued into her adult career, gaining the title Champion in three straight shows and then Grand Champion in two show weekends! She has had superb show write-up's and several Best of Variety wins plus an Overall Best in Show at the Norsk Skogkatt Show 2012. She took a break from the show bench to have her first beautiful litter of kittens with Gizmo but is back on the show circuit now and much to our delight gained her Imperial title at the Norsk Skogkatt Show in Oct 2013 and was also Best in Show Adult Female. She made us very proud winning 2 Olympian Certificates in 2014. Sadly she had to be neutered immediately following her 2nd litter and we lost all the babies except for Oscar, whom we have kept. Tink's show success continues, repeating Overall Best in Show at the Norsk Skogkatt Show in 2015 and Best in Show Female Neuter at the Norwegian Forest Cat Club Show in 2016. We are just happy she is still with us and will enjoy life as a happy neuter because we just adore our beautiful lady!

Tink is HCM Normal, Nov 2013 (Dr Virginia Luis Fuentes at RVC)


Grand Premier Kattjewels Maximus 'Max' - RIP

Max is a beautiful blue tabby boy from my first litter of kittens. From the moment he was born he decided he would be staying with us and we felt the same about him and kept his as a show neuter. He is has a wonderful laid back temperament and a fantastic Norwegian look with a full coat which he keeps all summer. Max has had a brilliant show career as a kitten including Best in Show kitten and Best Overall Norwegian at the FiFe Viking Cat Club show in January 2011 and Best of Variety at the Essex Cat Club Show in April 2011. Now an adult, his show career has gone from strength to strength, gaining the title Premier in his first three adult shows! He has gone on to gain the title Grand Premier and is now competing for Imperial certificates! We are so proud of him and love him to bits! 

Premier Norskwood Montgomery 'Monty'

Monty is a solid black boy and is full brother to Misty from the next litter. He is the soppiest cat ever and he gets on well with all our other moggies. Now 7 years old, he still sports the silvery 'kitten' fur under his arms and in his ruff. Being black he is very hard to photograph but is in his element in the snow where he looks spectacular!

Premier Norskwood Borghild 'Misty'

Misty is a beautiful black silver tabby girl with the most gorgeous green eyes. Misty was my first show cat and together we became hooked on showing this lovely breed. She was so delightful that we had a kitten from the next litter, and her brother Monty came to join us also. In the summer Misty turns into a shorthair cat and sheds her fur, but come the winter she sports a full Norwegian coat and looks spectacular in the snow. Misty has now retired from shows and spends her days enjoying the garden and watching the chickens!